Our Brands

Digital Content Summit Africa (DigiCon)

The summit is a full-day event, with an expected audience of about 300. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to share digital sector focused issues touching a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter in digital content.

The Ask Series

Pubs and lounges are a place of talk and conversation, some of the most interesting gists happen in there. These conversations most times covers wide range of issues, from entertainment to business, to sports and even politics and governance. THE ASK SERIES is a conversational session convened by BELFRY AFRICA that touches on topical issues affecting or related to various sectors and demography.

The series hosts a guest who is usually a thought leader, celebrity at every edition. Attendees are allowed to throw questions at the guest and the guest is at liberty to choose the questions he or she takes. The session is usually moderated by a designated moderator.

African Fashion Roundtable (AFR)

The AFRICA FASHION ROUNDTABLE is a gathering of fashion industry and other allied players to share ideas on how to harness the enormous value in the sector across Africa and beyond. With stakeholder from policy makers to textile manufacturing, leather production to garment making the roundtable seeks to help develop and shape the industry in Africa.

Aviation Business Roundtable Africa (ABRA)

As the African aviation industry evolves, its time to strategically position the continent to begin to leverage the huge potentials of the sector. The Aviation Business Roundtable Africa (ABRA) will bring stakeholders together for the sole aim of developing the sector.